Bad Sooden-Allendorf

Klinik Kurhessen

The clinic of the German Pension Insurance DRV is a rehabilitation clinic for patients in orthopaedics, internal medicine and pneumology. The clinic management is always looking for the latest technical equipment for their buildings to be up to date. The fire alarm and voice alarm system was renewed during ongoing operations as part of extensive fire protection measures. For this purpose, suspended ceilings were used in some cases for laying cables, but other solutions were required in the corridors with visible concrete ceilings. For this purpose, an overall concept was developed which, in addition to the corresponding cable routing, also included the areas of general and safety lighting as well as room acoustics. In cooperation with the planning office of Dipl.-Ing. Aloys Werner in Bad Sooden-Allendorf, an acoustic ceiling with a minimum installation height was developed to conceal the necessary cables. The ceiling height was adapted to the housing dimensions of the Spectral S36 profiles used. Thus, the opal cover of the light line can protrude as a striking line below the ceiling construction and take on a correspondingly pioneering function here. The lengths were adapted according to the technical lighting requirements and the ceiling dimensions on the building side. The concept extends over four floors and contributes additionally to the energy saving of the building through daylight-dependent control. The planning for this was carried out by the engineering office for building services engineering Mr. Dipl. Ing. Oskar Winter.

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