bend the rules


We strive to be original and daring, so you can be more expressive in your design. Together we can develop tailor-made solutions. This can be done by simply modifying an existing standard luminaire or it can also be a completely newly developed unique specimen. Our production facilities offer the possibility to produce large quantities on a large series level. However, our company structure also offers the possibility to work flexibly and individually.. And when we receive an award for this, we are naturally delighted (Guinness Application Reference: 160113121340lpl "Largest hanging lamp").

Made in Germany

We are a family business that continually invests in state of the art production equipment. The vertical range of manufacture of the RIDI Group available to us includes, in addition to the partly fully automatic metalworking and forming plants, an ultra-modern powder coating plant. However, the heart of our headquarters in Jungingen in the Zollernalbkreis are our LED placement machines. The in-house production of these components ensures in-house know-how and independence from suppliers. This is a decisive advantage, especially for small series or sample applications. But also for our customers: In addition to the five-year guarantee for our LED modules, the RIDI Group also offers a ten-year replacement guarantee for our LED boards.


New projects always present us with a challenge: How can we achieve the optimum here? Where does competition stop, where does Spectral start? Using the example of the foyer of the Eurotheum in Frankfurt shown above, it was not only the five-channel LED board specially developed for this project, but also the Bluetooth-supported wireless control of the system. This enables the user to intuitively adjust the colour dynamics and program scenes via tablet. Basically, low-energy Bluetooth control systems are well established in the lighting industry - but not in this order of magnitude with over 1000 lighting modules...

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In order to achieve the best possible solutions for the wishes of our customers, it is sometimes necessary to take unusual paths. And if a luminaire is somewhat larger at the end of the day, then space must first be created in production - because it cannot leave our factory without a final inspection of the complete luminaire. Would you like to be further inspired? Then browse through our references...