Ludwig Erhard Zentrum

The Ludwig Erhard Zentrum in Fürth is intended to serve as a museum of the memory of the Federal Chancellor Ludwig Erhard, who was born in Fürth. It shows testimonies of his life and work as a politician. The building was designed by Reinhard Bauer architects from Munich. The clean design of the new building next to the Fürth City Hall is continued in the linear lighting systems from the newly developed S36 profile series. The 8.40 m long profiles are connected via hidden internal linear connectors and, despite their extremely compact dimensions of only 36x72 mm, are extremely stable. Despite the very compact design the integration of signal amplifiers allows the entire system to be easily controlled via DALI. The suspension is carried out via special trapezoidal cable system, which spread out to the tapered prefabricated ceiling elements made of exposed concrete. The indirect component runs continuously along the entire length in the same way as the direct light component. An opal diffuser with internal linear prismatic structure creates a seamless even light distribution.

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