Bergfreunde GmbH, Kirchentellinsfurt

Since it was founded in 2006, has grown into one of Europe’s leading online mountaineering retailers. It now employs over 320 members of staff, who work to provide the best possible shopping experience for mountaineering and outdoor sports enthusiasts. Bergfreunde management headquarters are located in the loft of a former textile factory in Kirchentellinsfurt, where the individual workstations are illuminated by the RIDI LINIA-FLAT continuous lighting system with VLG-LENSES gear tray. The lens array of LENSES provides a user-oriented and glare-free working environment and uses an indirect component to ensure a pleasant level of lighting. The KARO-S LED spotlight was chosen to emphasise features on the floor and walls and is integrated into the continuous lighting system. In the meeting rooms, Spectral’s high-quality Iris LED lights create a pleasantly illuminated working environment. The energy-efficient luminaires come in two different sizes and provide an glimpse into the technology inside thanks to the transparent housing, and the prismatic cover ensures maximum visual comfort.

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