The Grafton

The Grafton centre is an enclosed shopping centre in the heart of Cambridge. As part of a comprehensive refurbishment programme, the ‘destination’ area comprised the replacement and upgrade of the landlord area lighting in the mall and atrium areas. RIDI Group and the engineering group, Intoheat, came up with a lighting solution using products from the extensive RIDI Group portfolio with a large number from Spectral. Featured in the high level areas, fro example, was Spectral’s S36-Profil which was tailored to incorporate high output LED linear boards with a specially developed ‘wing’ bracket system to aid efficient installation and integration into the wooden slatted ceilings. With a mixture of daylighting and artificial lighting using a combination of strategically located pendants (Stora-LK, H80-Profil, S36-Profil) the retail destination has been significantly enhanced.

Building sections
Foyer + reception und Miscellaneous
Object section
Foyer + reception