Winterhalter is a third-generation family-owned company focused on professional solutions in the commercial warewashing sector. With 41 subsidiaries worldwide, the company has become a major global systems provider for warewashing technology across multiple sectors. Winterhalter recently invested in a new logistics facility and administration building at the company headquarters in Meckenbeuren near Lake Constance. This modern office building, which is decorated with black furniture, required functional, high-quality lighting to meet the special requirements of the office environment and highlight the aesthetics of the spacial concept. The Dome-S floor-standing luminaires from Spectral fulfilled both requirements. To preserve the aesthetic of the office, the luminaires were painted in the same dark colour as the furniture. The individual illumination level for each luminaire is set using the flush touch panel and/or the built-in sensors. The smart luminaires control the light level as the ambient light changes throughout the day, ensuring that the brightness remains constant. The convenient built-in USB port can be used to charge a tablet or smartphone. The exceptional form, colour and functionality of the Dome-S products fulfilled all of Winterhalter’s requirements.

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