Puma HQ

The interior design scheme of the new Puma HQ in London is the concept of ‘Light Speed’. This concept is conveyed in by way of light streaks throughout its interior and graphic elements. BLADE LED by Spectral Lighting was specified by London based design firm, M Moser Associates, in the corporate colours of red, black and grey to meet this unique design challenge. Puma moved to Sea Containers House, its new home next to Blackfriars Bridge from its base in the Heal’s Building on Tottenham Court Road. The German company has taken on this iconic 1970s building with over 20,000ft² of space across three floors. M Moser, with its background in creating effective workplace and corporate interiors, was tasked with designing an environment to house multiple teams over three separate floors, while providing a communal feel. To help achieve this, the practice created a large ‘town hall’ breakout space on the top floor to bring together everyone who worked in the building. The look and feel of the space is fun, comfortable and warm, and Spectral BLADE LED fittings add ‘light streaks’ to match the Puma branding. Jose Mercado, Associate at M Moser Associates comments: “We wanted to find a way of extending the elements of the Puma identity into the lighting scheme. To do this we chose Spectral BLADE LED in red, black and grey and not only have the panels added a striking visual element, at the same time, BLADE offers acoustic benefits, and being LED, saves energy.” “We aim to make each luminaire bespoke for any situation and were delighted to offer a unique solution for Puma,” says Jon Estell, Spectral UK Design Manager. “BLADE is not only a powerful and effective light source, it is also an eye-catching design statement. PUMA is a perfect example of how BLADE can help a lighting scheme to complement an interior design scheme, while also contributing to the overall look and feel of a space, with the added benefit of offering acoustic absorption.” Available in a range of RAL colours and finishes, BLADE is manufactured from a sound reflective material that will complement all types of interior design. The fitting is easily installed and comes with a suspension kit to allow custom configuration to suit each building and lighting scheme. The luminaire version blends in seamlessly with the matching acoustic panels and removes any concerns of shadowing in the lighting design.

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