Christ Church Downend

Christ Church Downend was constructed in 1836 and is a Grade II listed church. As part of the comprehensive refurbishment works that included removal of pews and a new limestone floor, a key factor in the transformation of the church was specifying new LED lighting throughout. TSA consultants chose Spectral Lighting to design the lighting scheme after seeing previous completed heritage projects. Installed by Hart Design & Construction, the central pendant Spectral H80 chandelier fittings were delivered complete and raised from the ground into position pre wired and assembled. The architects, MEB Design Limited boldly chose to have the chandeliers finished in a modern textured silver finish which impacts less on the space, particularly for those in the upper balcony areas. The conclusion is a light, bright, warm and accessible building. A church fit now for the 21st century. Winners of the Bristol DAC Awards 2019 for ‘Recognising Exceptional Church Project‘. “We continue to be delighted with the way the building is working and never fails to evoke a ‘wow’ factor response. It is fast becoming a top choice venue for concerts in the Bristol area and a place where children and families love to come for all kinds of activities and events. Thank you again for all that you an the team did to make this possible.” Jonathan Vickery, Vicar.

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