Bank building

Spectral worked together with architectural firm Sheppard Robson to devise a solution for an extraordinary vision: to light the internal foyer area of a prestigious private bank in the centre of London using just two suspended, ring-shaped luminaires. The technical lighting specification developed with engineers Troup, Bywaters + Anders resulted in a total required luminous flux of 390,000 lumens to achieve an average illumination intensity of 250 lux. This level of illumination is generated by 15,000 LEDs with a total output of 2,750 W. The special perforated design on the outsides of the ring-shaped lights is reflected as a graphic motif throughout the entire space, including on the glazing and the wall panels, and integrates the lights into the architectural concept as a whole. The design of the ceiling spanning the foyer area, which needed to bear the entire weight of the light fixtures, presented a challenge: as a result of its irregular layout, there were no ideal suspension points. This meant that the design of the fixtures’ chassis needed to be exceptionally robust but still very lightweight. An 11-metre platform was constructed specially for the installation so that the large light fittings could be assembled at the height at which they would ultimately be suspended. Following official measurements on site, the large circular light fitting was recognised with an entry as the ‘largest hanging lamp’ in the Guinness World Records on 22 March 2017, with a diameter of 12.10 m (Application Reference: 160113121340lpl ‘Largest hanging lamp/light’).

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